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But how will you get to our beautiful mountains? Don’t have a car? Driving on your lonesome? Are you a regular traveller or just an occasional one? Why not share the journey to the mountains? Economical and ecological, carsharing is THE in way to travel, and perfect for making your ski trips easier! Do you want to be a driver or a passenger? You share: -the costs (fuel, tolls, etc.) -the same way of thinking: solidarity, conviviality, and respect for the environment. Simple, safe and… rewarded! Step 1: The driver posts a journey offer Step 2: The passenger reserves a seat and pays for their journey online. They receive a confirmation email with a code to give to the driver on the day of departure. Step 3: The driver is notified by email of reservations made on their journey. No surprises. Step 4: Upon arrival, each person gets to enjoy the Labellemontagne Blablacar offer(*): 5% off on day-long ski passes(**) and 10% off week-long ski passes(**) (*) Upon presentation of the journey confirmation emails. General terms & conditions on www.blablacar.fr (**) Offer valid on public rates, cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts. You can sign up for free and make yourself known at any time, for any Labellemontagne resort: you’d be surprised by the number of people already signed up! You’re all set, now go give it a go!