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Ski pass / rates

A whole range of passes, to suit all tastes and all desires!


Winter rates 2016-2017

All of these rates include tax, excluding the hands-free card cost of 2€.

Timetables may be changed as a result of snowfall or weather conditions. Check the snowfall report for more information.

“Forêt Blanche” PASSES provided by RISOUL LABELLEMONTAGNE grant access to the “La Forêt Blanche” ski area only via the Risoul ski area. They cannot be validated from the Vars ski area.

1-day pass

De 13 à 64 ans
De 5 à 12 ans
De 65 à 74 ans
3 Heures34.40 €29.20 €32.70 €
1 Jour40.50 €34.40 €38.50 €
2 Jours78.60 €66.00 €74.70 €
6 Jours204,00 €164,00 €194,00 €

Season pass

De 13 à 64 ans
De 5 à 12 ans
De 65 à 74 ans
Saison Primeur (jusqu'au 30/11/2018)593.00 €477.00 €563.00 €
Saison790.00 €636.00 €751.00 €


Ski pass Tribu (Tribe)

Do you ski in tribe? Take advantage of our special large family offer “Ski Pass Tribu”” : 10 % discount for the simultaneous purchase of minimum 4 Ski passes of the same duration (of which minimum 1 adult and 2 children of less than 17 years), except fixed price(package) season.

LABELLEMONTAGNE also means offers and services tailored to your desires :

  • Obtaining a refund for your ski pass because you changed your mind ? Yes, we can
  • Only pay based on your actual ski outings ? Yes, we can
  • Discover new ski areas as our invitee? Yes, we can

Let’s discover all the attractive offers LABELLEMONTAGNE